Falconer Falconer (Ultimate Edition) 2xCD
Falconer (Ultimate Edition)
Falconer (Ultimate Edition) Falconer (Ultimate Edition)

Falconer Falconer (Ultimate Edition) 2xCD

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Release Date: April 21, 2015

COMPACT DISC 1 (Remastered)
01. Upon the Grave of Guilt
02. Heresy in Disguise
03. Wings of Serenity
04. A Quest for the Crown
05. Mindtraveller
06. Entering Eternity
07. Royal Galley
08. Substitutional World
09. Lord of the Blacksmiths
10. The Past Still Lives On
11. Per Tyrssons Döttrar I Vänge

01. Royal Galley (Acoustic)
02. Wings of Serenity (Acoustic)
03. Mindtraveller (Acoustic)
04. Substitutional World (Demo)
05. Lord of the Blacksmiths (Demo)
06. Mindtraveller (Demo)
07. Entering Eternity (Demo)

+ European Import

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