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Release Date: March 16, 2018

• "Cobra Speed Venom" Jewel Case CD
• "Cobra Speed Venom" T-Shirt

CD Jewel Case:
01. Destroyed by Madness
02. Iron Crown
03. In the Name of Death
04. We Avenge!
05. Cobra Speed Venom
06. World War Machine
07. Necrohammer
08. Rise in Blood
09. Where My Grave Shall Stand
10. The Sign of the Scythe

In the beginning of 2017, The Crown teamed up with Metal Blade Records once again. With their motivation at an all-time high, the band spent most of the year intensely rehearsing 13 new songs. They eventually entered the classic Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström to record what would become their new album, Cobra Speed Venom. The sound is massive, brutal and a real punch in the face. Extreme speed and aggression mixed with classic heavy metal and rock n' roll, which really shows that The Crown has no boundaries. The apocalyptic theme of the lyrics and music also fits perfectly with the outstanding artwork of Christian Sloan Hall.

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