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Bundles The Pursuit of Vikings - LP Bundle - Splatter #64778

The Pursuit of Vikings - LP Bundle - Splatter See Larger Images and Variations

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Release Date: November 16, 2018

• "The Pursuit of Vikings: Live at Summer Breeze" Splatter Vinyl
• "The Pursuit of Vikings" T-Shirt

Splatter Vinyl:
01. The Pursuit of Vikings
02. As Loke Falls
03. First Kill
04. The Way of Vikings

05. At Dawn's First Light
06. Cry of the Black Birds
07. Deceiver of the Gods
08. Destroyer of the Universe
09. Death in Fire

10. Father of the Wolf
11. Runes to My Memory
12. War of the Gods
13. Raise Your Horns

14. A Dream That Cannot Be
15. Guardians of Asgaard
16. Twilight of the Thunder God

Vinyl Features:
+ Main Stage Show: August 17th, 2017
+ Clear Vinyl with Black Splatter
+ Gatefold Jacket
+ Limited to 250 Copies

The name says it all - The Pursuit Of Vikings: 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm. Since their inception, Amon Amarth have consistently - and increasingly - proven themselves a true force of nature in modern metal, and this timely set stands as a testament to everything that they have achieved. Including the band's two outstanding headlining sets at 2017's Summer Breeze Festival both as audio and video, it also features a retrospective documentary that tells the Swedish quintet's story through both their own eyes and those of the fans that have supported them along the way. As such, it is both a thrilling collection that pays respect to the faithful and a detailed and riveting introduction for those new to their unique story.

Code: AA-PursuitOfVikings-18

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