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The Face of Fear
The Face of Fear The Face of Fear

Artillery The Face of Fear CDs

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Release Date: November 16, 2018

01. The Face of Fear
02. Crossroads to Conspiracy
03. New Rage
04. Sworn Utopia
05. Through the Ages of Atrocity
06. Thirst for the Worst
07. Pain
08. Under Water (Instrumental)
09. Preaching to the Converted
10. Mind of No Return (Rerecorded Version)
11. Doctor Evil (Rerecorded Version)

Since the release of "Penalty by Perception" (2016), Artillery has taken the road around the world and won several awards for the release. And now the time has come to open the next chapter with their new album "The Face of Fear"!

Once again, the band brings out the big guns with producer Søren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza, Mike Tramp etc.) at the helm.

Topics like the crimes of humanity, horrors of religion and personal strife are present, and the band even takes a trip back memory lane with a rerecorded song from 1982!

So, get out and show your horns, face "The Face of Fear" and let's continue keeping metal alive! Artillery is back!

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