Batushka Hospodi - LP Haze Bundle Bundles
Hospodi - LP Haze Bundle
Hospodi - LP Haze Bundle Hospodi - LP Haze Bundle Hospodi - LP Haze Bundle

Batushka Hospodi - LP Haze Bundle Bundles

"Hospodi" T-Shirts:


Release Date: July 12, 2019

• "Hospodi" Haze Vinyl
• "Hospodi" T-Shirt

Haze Vinyl:
01. Wozglas
02. Dziewiatyj Czas
03. Wieczernia
04. Powieczerje

05. Polunosznica
06. Utrenia
07. Pierwyj Czas

08. Tretij Czas
09. Szestoj Czas
10. Liturgiya

+ Etching

Vinyl Features:
+ Gold Inside Black Haze Vinyl
+ Gatefold Jacket
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ Digital Download Card
+ Limited Edition (500 Copies)

As civilisation continues to eat itself, heavy music's dark spiritual quest has never seemed more vital. Emerging from the shadows of eastern Poland back in 2015, Batushka have already established themselves as one of the modern era's most powerful and evocative bands. Harnessing the fire and fury of arcane black metal and channelling it through the reverberant grandeur of ancient rituals of worship, the band's debut album 'Litourgiya' stood apart from the extreme metal hordes: a monument to originality, depth and dark mysticism that swiftly cast its spell over the metal underground and beyond.

As Batushka took their music to the people, its power seemed to multiply tenfold, forging a profound connection with an increasingly rabid international fan base. As a result, the band's imminent return in 2019, with their second and most devastating ritual to date, is set to be an event of undeniable significance.

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