Cirith Ungol I'm Alive (Box Set) Boxsets
I'm Alive (Box Set)

Cirith Ungol I'm Alive (Box Set) Boxsets

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Release Date: October 25, 2019

CD 1
+ Live at Up the Hammers Festival - 2017 (14 Tracks)

CD 2
+ Live at Up the Hammers Festival - 2017 (3 Tracks)
+ Live at Hammer of Doom - 2017 (5 Tracks)

DVD 1 (TRT: 03:11:16)
+ Live at Up the Hammers Festival - 2017 (17 Tracks)
+ Live at Hammer of Doom Festival - 2017 (19 Tracks)

DVD 2 (TRT: 03:14:49)
+ Documentaries (4 Parts)
+ Live at Rock Hard Festival - 2018 (12 Tracks)
+ Interview - Rock Hard Festival

BONUS DVD (TRT: 02:04:53)
+ Live at Keep It True Festival - 2017 (14 Tracks)
+ Documentary - The Lost Years

01. Intro
02. I'm Alive
03. Join the Legion
04. Atom Smasher
05. Edge of a Knife
06. Blood & Iron

07. Black Machine
08. Frost and Fire
09. Finger of Scorn
10. Chaos Descends
11. Doomed Planet

12. Chaos Rising
13. Fallen Idols
14. Paradise Lost

15. Master of the Pit
16. King of the Dead
17. Cirith Ungol

BONUS 12" - Live at Hammer of Doom - 2018
01. Intro
02. War Eternal
03. Nadsokor
04. Fire
05. Death of the Sun

+ Etching

Box Set Includes:
+ Box (~xx" x xx" x xx")
+ 2CD/2DVD Digipak
+ Bonus DVD
+ Purple Marbled Vinyl
+ Bonus 12" Purple Marbled Vinyl (Etched Side B)
+ Drum Stick
+ Mini Microphone
+ Guitar Picks (3)
+ Backpatch
+ Metal Keychain
+ Laminate w/ Lanyard
+ Autographed Photocard
+ Concert Setlist w/ Graphics (Hand Drawn by Rob)
+ A1 Concert Poster
+ Limited Edition (1000 Copies)

Cirith Ungol are pleased to unveil their first official live recording! This legendary release comes as an expansive double-live album and multi-DVD package entitled, "I'm Alive". Live audio (contained on the CD and Vinyl Variants) recorded amidst a rapturous crowd at the Up the Hammers festival in Athens, Greece showcases the magic and might of Cirith Ungol onstage. Additional full-length epic performances recorded at the Hammer of Doom (2017) and Rock Hard Festivals (2018) in Germany are included on the Double DVD set. For this monumental release, a special in-depth documentary spanning 2 hours in length is also included. The documentary features exclusive interviews about the history and legacy of the band, as told by the current and original members.

"I'm Alive" brilliantly captures the "kings of the dead" at the peak of their darkened, mystical powers that will allow fans worldwide to share in the glory of this cult quintet rocking harder than ever, more than four decades after their inception. Long may they reign!

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