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CD Late Love #14021

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Release Date: September 9, 2011

Wolves Like Us is a Norwegian Stoner Rock/Sludge band from Oslo, formed in 2010. They are currently signed to Prosthetic Records worldwide , and released their debut album "Late Love" to critical acclaim in 2011. The band consists of ex-members of notable Norwegian underground acts Amulet and Infidels Forever, and have been touring extensively with the likes of Swing Kids, Kvelertak and Blood Command since the bands formation.

Track listing:

1. Burns Like A Paper Rose
2. Deathless
3. Sin After Sin
4. Old Dirty Paranoia
5. Secret Handshakes
6. Shiver In The Heat
7. We Speak In Tongues
8. Gone To Dust
9. My Enemy
10. To Whore With Foreign Gods

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