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CD Cycles of Light #14034

Cycles of Light See Larger Images and Variations


Release Date: January 13, 2012

Metallic hardcore act, EVERYTHING WENT BLACK, has signed to Lost Shepherd/Prosthetic Records. Hailing from the wasteland of St. Louis, EVERYTHING WENT BLACK play a concise, sophisticated brand of fast and heavy aggressive music drawing influence from the likes of The Hope Conspiracy, Black Flag and Entombed, while still maintaining a sound that is very much so their own. Since the band’s formation in the spring of 2009, the band self released an EP, a 7″ on Hands Up! Records, and a split with Louisville, KY hardcore outfit Rattletooth on St. Louis based label I Hate Punk Rock Records.

The band recorded their debut full length this summer, which will see a release in early 2012.



02.Gods Of Alantis
03.Halo Of Vultures
06.Thorn Feeders
07.Amongst Wolves

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