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Boxsets Gates To The Pantheon (deluxe) #19062

Gates To The Pantheon (deluxe) See Larger Images and Variations


Release Date: May 14, 2013

This special edition (an import courtesy of Viva Hate) is definitely not like any other limited edition you have seen before. Besides the facts that this box is limited to only 500 hand numbered copies worldwide (only 50 of which are being sent to North America for starters) and comes exclusively with the ultimate bonus track ʻNecrodaemon Terrorsatanʼ of the mighty Belphegor, there is even more that makes this release so unique. First, the whole artwork is completely different from the jewel case edition. Moreover, a heavy earthenware slab that was fabricated for Negator exclusively comes along with the box and tells its very own story. Furthermore, the whole artistic concept and its implementation are beyond “normal.” This box is handmade, customized and one of a kind. Get yours while you can!

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