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CD / Sticker Bundle

$16.99 each


Release Date: May 19, 2017

Bundle includes:

-Erotic Massage 2xCD

-4" album art sticker

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dog Fashion Disco's cult debut album "Erotic Massage" the band is releasing this double CD set, which includes a remastered version of the original album and an all new recording of updated and rewritten versions of these classic DFD songs. This marks the first time the original Erotic Massage album will be available on CD since it's release, and anyone familiar with the band knows that original copies of Erotic Massage have sold for as much as $750 on eBay. This set will be the only way to get a copy of the original album, it will not be available on any digital platform! The band is incredibly excited for everyone to hear the new versions of these songs. Some are nearly identical, some are.... not. New version or old we think that everyone will agree that Erotic Massage has stood the test of time.

Track List (Both Discs)

01 - Christian Dance Song

02 - G. Eye Joe

03 - Wait

04 - Lost in Anacostia

05 - China White

06 - Communion

07 - Oral Spunk

08 - Vernal Equinox

09 - Lookin' for Love

10 - Content

11 - Hypnotic Underwater Encounter

12 - A Corpse Is A Corpse

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