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Bundles Razor To Wrist I Can't Resist Mega Bundle #94073

Razor To Wrist I Can't Resist Mega Bundle See Larger Images and Variations
"Aloha Plane" T-Shirt:

"Aloha Palm" T-Shirt:

"The Worst Thinig" T-Shirt:

"Robot Babylon" T-Shirt:

"Desert Grave" T-Shirt:

$190.00 each


Release Date: October 16, 2020

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Due to Covid-related product supply issues, any orders containing garments 2X or larger may be delayed by up to two weeks.

This mega bundle includes:

-Tan/Black LP copy of Black Mass Hysteria

-Robot Babylon shirt

-3.5" round limited edition Handprint patch

-3" round vinyl Handprint sticker

-Cassette copy of Last Call In Jonestown

-The Worst Thing shirt

-3.5" round limited edition Jim patch

-3" round vinyl Jim sticker

-Cassette copy of Aloha

-Aloha Palm shirt

-Aloha Plane shirt

-3.5" round limited edition Aloha Palm patch

-3" round vinyl Aloha Palm sticker

-Dog Fashion Disco Desert Grave shirt

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