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Bundles Committed For Life Collector's Bundle #96036

Committed For Life Collector's Bundle See Larger Images and Variations
"Baby Satan" T-Shirt:

"Circus" T-Shirt:

"Cult" T-Shirt:

"Propaganda" T-Shirt:

"Cult" Pullover Hoodie:

"Propaganda" Zip Hoodie:

$199.99 each


Release Date: January 15, 2021

The Grand Poobah of all bundles!

The Collector's Bundle includes:

-2xLP copy of Committed To A Bright Future (black vinyl)

-Cassette copy of Get Possessed

-Propaganda zip-up hoodie

-Cult pullover hoodie

-Baby Satan t-shirt

-Circus T-shirt

-Cult t-shirt

-Propaganda t-shirt

-Custom winter scarf

-Custom vinyl wallet

-3" round embroidered patch

-3" round vinyl sticker

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