Razor To Wrist

Bundles PDP Ultimate Bundle #99187

PDP Ultimate Bundle See Larger Images and Variations
"Because I Like You" T-Shirt:

"Brain Wash" T-Shirt:

"Dead On The Crapper" T-Shirt:

"Poe" T-Shirt:

"Fangs" Pullover Hoodie:

"Poe" Zip Hoodie:

$219.00 each


Release Date: May 21, 2021

Bundle includes:

-2xLP copy of Purgatory Dance Party

-Cassette copy of Purgatory Dance Party

-Poe tee

-Poe zip hoodie

-Fangs pullover hoodie

-Brain Wash tee

-Dead On The Crapper tee

-Because I Like You tee

-One bottle of Dead On The Crapper sriracha sauce

-1 lb. bag of Zeke's Brainwash Blend ground coffee

-Because I Like You Coffee Mug

-3.5" embroidered patch

-3" round sticker

-11" x 17" Poe poster

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