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Audio Cassettes Suffocating Feats Of Dehumanization #136760

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Ice White Clear
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Sulfuric Cautery "Suffocating Feats Of Dehumanization" Audio Cassette
-Cassette version of the newest full length. Ice white clear shells limited to 50 copies.

“Suffocating Feats Of Dehumanization” is 20 tracks of uncompromising hypergoregrind torture, unhinged rage, and disgust towards humanity. L.A. based SULFURIC CAUTERY return with a blast soaked bushel of envelope pushing lethal hypergrind ammunitions. Swerving from shank to bludgeon of nonstop pulverizing mayhem, "Suffocating Feats of Dehumanization" supplies the most dominating and comprehensive SC material to date. Suit up to slosh around in sixteen and a half minutes of incalculable blast beat aggression. Demented cover art and layout by Liddo Animal

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