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Bundles Deluxe Collector's Box Personalized Edition Bundle #29813

Deluxe Collector's Box Personalized Edition Bundle See Larger Images and Variations


Bundle includes:
-A custom designed 12" x 12" handcrafted eco-friendly bamboo box that includes a set of 3 aluminum prints featuring three of Derek's most popular Black, White & Red prints: Forsake, Flood Damage and Cumulonimbus, and a personalized hardbound copy of Black, White & Red All Over.
-After The Storm 28" x 24" limited edition print, signed and numbered

Book includes a personalized, (to you or whoever you specify), autograph & sketch by Derek (Please provide information on whom this should be addressed to in the order notes box when ordering)


Black White & Red All Over
The new book by Derek Hess

Over 175 iconic images that are simultaneously unsettling and compelling. The pieces chosen for this book have all the drama of a mood light illuminated with a 1,000 watt bulb...or perhaps a dim bulb, Hess leaves that for you to decide. You're sure to leave with an opinion - or more accurately, an emotion.

This book contains such classic images as: Flood Damage, False, Forsake, Cumulonimbus, Isolated, All Tied Up & After The Storm.

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