2xCD Fist Held High (Ultimate 35th Band Anniversary Collection) #32611

Fist Held High (Ultimate 35th Band Anniversary Collection) See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: June 2, 2015

Disc 1 - "Fist Held High"
01. Fist Held High
02. Overdrive
03. Freedom Fighters
04. Metallic Attack
05. Heavier Than Hell
06. Thrasher
07. Torture Chamber
08. Posers Will Die
09. Iron Gates (Live)
10. The Wolf (Live)
11. Feast of Flesh (Live)
12. Hard Rider (Live)
13. Destructer (from Metal Massacre IV)

Disc 2 - "Reincarnation"
01. War
02. Scream Girl Scream
03. God Only Knows
04. Hypocrite
05. Never Too Young
06. Wasted
07. The Fool
08. Get Crazy
09. Cheater
10. Fit Of Rage
11. Intensity (Instrumental) - Demo
12. No Mercy - Demo
13. Rockin The Night - Demo
14. Back On The Street - Demo
15. Evil Redeemer - Demo
16. Psycho Killer - Demo
17. Fist Held High - Demo
18. Stand Up And Fight - Demo

In celebration of THRUST's 35th anniversary Metal Blade Records is releasing the ultimate edition of the band's classical 1984 album "Fist Held High". Including the entire album, live and demo tracks from the beginning until the late 80ies plus the so far UNRELEASED studio album "REINCARNATION" produced and Engineered by Pat Regan and Bob Kulick!

"A BIG Thank You to the fans who never stopped playing the music. After all these years it’s always been about the music, standing the test of time, connecting with the fans soul, pouring out the creative spirit thru the music into the hearts of many and return filling our hearts. For that is the true connection between the heart soul and each other. That is why the music will always live on." - Ron Cooke 2015

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