Feralia Under Stige / Over Dianam 2xCD
Under Stige / Over Dianam

Feralia Under Stige / Over Dianam 2xCD

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Release Date: April 28, 2022

Double album made up of a play of opposites.
Under Stige embodies the Black Metal essence of the work in a more traditional way. It is a darker and more atmospheric record compared to the debut Helios Manifesto, this is also due to the arrival of the new singer/guitarist Erymanthon and the new drummer P.
The setting and mood of the album is that of the rituality of Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Roman traditions, and the music accompanies this atmosphere with both fierce, violent passages and slower, heavier ones. Melody is present throughout the whole record, defining this hybrid between traditional Scandinavian Black Metal and a more modern, personal touch.
As Under Stige is extreme, nocturnal, ritualistic and manly, Over Dianam develops in the opposite direction. Four folk-oriented tracks that carry more of a bright, ambient, feminine mood, overall giving life to a play of opposites that is the essence to the new album.
Agghiastru of Inchiuvatu and Haavard of Dold Vorde Ens Navn, ex-Ulver, ex-Satyricon appear as special guests, the former in Laudatio Funebris (Under Stige), the latter in The Altar and the Deer (Over Dianam).

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