Death Dies Stregoneria CDs

Death Dies Stregoneria CDs

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Release Date: June 2, 2023

“Stregoneria” is the sum of the influences and different musical experiences of the band members. The album is often characterized by a combination of black and speed metal riffs, intertwined with melodic openings not far from the typical sounds of the Italian and Greek occult and black metal schools. “Stregoneria” exhibits the band's majestic-yet-malevolent sound in its most powerful form yet, but raw and robust like never before. A culmination of all the hallmarks of the classic sound of DEATH DIES: thick, pulsing guitar walls and straightforward songwriting driving the point home.
The album also features a new version of the EVOL’s classic "Sorrow of the Witch”, which has been re-recorded and updated with a more refined and bombastic production.

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