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CD Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering #24205

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Release Date: September 24, 2010

Making its mark in early 2003 Flesh Consumed is no stranger to writing some of the best extreme metal slabs of brutality in the scene today. With numerous releases under their belt the band has taken on an impressive following from around the world turning heads to all who are fortunate enough to hear their relentless style of brutal ext. The band has always had top notch, killer production on all of their releases, which many bands do not focus on and ruin perfectly good releases. Artwork has always been of the highest quality using various names who have the utmost respect in the art world today.

After sharing the stage with countless respectable acts and numerous well received releases Flesh Consumed backed by Unique Leader Records brings it’s first release with the label “Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering”. This brilliant release is an extreme metal journey into the dark realities of the human mind. Includes guest vocals by Luc Lemay(Gorguts), Matti Way(Disgorge) and Erik Lindmark(Deeds of Flesh).


01. Devoid of Skin (Guest Vocals: Erik Lindmark of Deeds of Flesh) 04:47
02. Imprisoned Between Dimensions 03:23
03. Drug-Induced Psychosis 02:22
04. Caverns of the Disembodied (Guest Vocals: Luc Lemay of Gorguts) 03:44
05. Forever Chained (Interlude) (Guest Vocals: Matti Way of Pathology / Ex-Disgorge) 01:18
06. Chamber of Torture 02:23
07. Beneath the Pendulum 03:05
08. Valleys of Rust (Interlude) 02:07
09. Immortality Through Infinite Consciousness 04:00
10. Doomed (Interlude) 01:48
11. Interspecific Coalesce 02:52
12. Succumbed to Dementia (Guest Vocals: Matti Way of Pathology / Ex-Disgorge) 03:21
13. Staring Into the Abyss (Outro) (Guest Vocals: Matti Way of Pathology / Ex-Disgorge) 11:25

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