Acrania Totalitarian Dystopia CDs
Totalitarian Dystopia

Acrania Totalitarian Dystopia CDs

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Release Date: August 19, 2014

'Debut album from London bound metal band Acrania. Chainsaw guitars &
destructive breakdowns, Acrania bring forward 10 doom laden tracks topped
off with a range of pulverizing vocals & pounding drums. Featuring guest
spots from Jamie hanks (I Declare War), Mendel (Aborted) & more. As well
as artwork from Par Olofsson (The Faceless, Pathology, Job for a Cowboy)
the album was recorded with Stu McKay (Annotations of an Autopsy,
Ingested) & mixed/mastered by Chris Foster. In one word "Totalitarian
Dystopia", HEAVY'