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Bundles Annihilation of Mankind Hoody + LP Bundle #62979

Annihilation of Mankind Hoody + LP Bundle See Larger Images and Variations

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$69.00 each


Release Date: August 31, 2018

Bundle includes:

-Annihilation of Mankind LP (Green/black smoke vinyl)

-Annihilation of Mankind Zip Hoody

-Annihilation of Mankind Flag 4'x2'

"Annihilation of Mankind" marks a milestone in German slam masters Stillbirth's history. Faster, harder, more brutality and more groove are waiting to be unleashed. Top notch production brings the heaviness and sound that has put the band on the map for extreme music solidifying their place among the elite. Expect the classic hooks but also look forward to new elements putting the band on an entire new level. A must have for any brutal death metal and slam enthusiasts.

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