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European vinyl edition of the album "Transnational" • Import

VNV Nation's 9th Studio album "Transnational" follows on from where "Automatic" left off, while firmly breaking new ground. Covering a diversity of styles that range from slow menacing electronic beats, alternative dance and post rock, Transnational conveys a very unique sound and feeling.

The album also took a cue from its title by drawing directly on VNV Nation's past. Styles, sounds and motifs, from the span of VNV Nation's previous albums, were incorporated in different ways into the album's sound. Other inspiration for the album was drawn from key tracks and styles of alternative electronic music, covering the last few decades, that have themselves in some way been the inspiration for elements of VNV Nation's music through the years.


1. Generator
2. Everything
3. Primary
4. Retaliate
5. Lost Horizon
6. Teleconnect Pt.1
7. If I was
8. Aeroscope
9. Off Screen
10. Teleconnect Pt.2

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