Armored Saint Lessons Not Well Learned DVD/CD
Lessons Not Well Learned

Armored Saint Lessons Not Well Learned DVD/CD

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Release Date: May 4, 2004

1. Pay Dirt
2. Warzone
3. The Truth Always Hurts
4. After Me, The Flood
5. Take A Turn
6. Symbol Of Salvation
7. Tainted Past
8. Creepy Feelings
9. Another Day
10. For The Sake Of Heaviness
11. Tension
12. Tribal Dance

*Include Bonus CD and Production Videos

Flip through the pages of time as your host Gonzo takes you through various shows of Armored Saint. Filmed by the fans, these concerts span the band's career from 1991 through 2001 and all is exposed. Additionally, there are lots of live music videos, off-stage antics several blooper outtake reels, lots more.

Rock band Armored Saint leave themselves at the mercy of their fans on this release, offering valuable archive concert footage filmed by amateur audience members. Hosted by the mysterious "Gahnzo," this is one hell of a ride for fans of the band, and a chance to catch the group as they've never been seen before! - CD Universe

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