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Envision the soundtrack to pessimism and turmoil. Like the tale of a beast, lumbering across plains of despair and plight-- physically & emotionally bled dry. But somewhere deep inside there is a vision of triumph and hope strong enough to keep the treck raging forward.Standing worlds above the legions of other newcomers, Paria have come to shatter the stagnant mold of modern-day metalcore and deliver their version of harsh reality with this debut composition 'Misanthropos'. Combining raging, high-end dissonance with the brute force of hardcore and the musicianship of a metal veteran, Paria have coined the term 'epic-hardcore' to describe their unique sound. Giant guitar riffs and outbursts and a girthy production give Misanthropos an arena-size quality sure to quickly establish these Omaha, Nebraska natives at the forefront of the heavy music scene

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