Cattle Decapitation Grim Ripper Die-Cut Decal Stickers & Decals
Grim Ripper Die-Cut Decal

Cattle Decapitation Grim Ripper Die-Cut Decal Stickers & Decals

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Cattle Decapitation "Grim Ripper" die-cut decal

- Officially licensed Cattle Decapitation merchandise

- Full color on clear die-cut 11" x 17" decal

Travis had this to say:

"I grew up as a skater kid in Southern California so its a real pleasure to team up with none other than Jimbo Phillips Jr. to do a design for this Cattle Decapitation "Grim Ripper" die-cut decal! Jimbo's style is synonymous with the skateboard graphics scene and hearkens to his father's (Jimbo Phillips, creator of the iconic Santa Cruz Skateboards "screaming hand" logo) style that I grew up with and came to know and love. He has brought our Reaper mascot alive in his lineage's unmistakable style, surfing a break of nothing but trash towards the shore of the West Coast, the place we both call home."


A little bit about the sticker manufacturing:

Good stewardship and good printing shouldn’t be mutually exclusive; yet, what the trade considered a “normal” environmental impact was appalling.

We quickly began aggressive internal recycling programs that reduce production waste; and, paired nicely with a switch to organic cleansers. New vegetable-based offset inks -- which were just as vibrant and reliable -- replaced their old, petroleum-based counterparts. We required that all our papers were responsibly forested while adding more stocks that contained recycled content.

On top of it all, we plant one tree with every order. That’s more than 500,000 new trees to date. We couldn’t make such a huge impact without the support of customers like you.