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Cattle Decapitation proudly announces collaboration with Gruesome Graphx!

Over the next four months, Cattle Decapitation will be releasing TWO new tee shirt designs each month as a collaboration with long-time friend and colleague-in-carnage, Gruesome Graphx! Each shirt will be based on a song from all eight Cattle Decap albums, from Human Jerky to The Anthropocene Extinction (though not in that order).

Next up is "Regret and the Grave" from 2009's The Harvest Floor and "Bathing in a Grease Disposal Unit" from 2000's Homovore album.

REGRET AND THE GRAVE: Here we see our beloved mascot cackling into the night while wading in the remains of all of the humans who have been processed on the harvest floor of one of our many rendering facilities. Fun fact: this image's idea was actually the original idea for the album cover art for Humanure but was eventually rejected and replaced with the now iconic image of the cow expelling human waste!

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