Cattle Decapitation

Masks 2020 Sucks #90614

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NOTE: Due to Covid-19, a one-sided, (butthole-less), version is unavailable.

Covid-19 contamination... Concert Cancellations... Conceited Cat Killers... Kenneth Copeland... Controversy.... Karen. Concurrently, 2020 has been one cacophonous dumpster fire of Coronavirus created community culpability. Celebrate our species-specific senselessness with this sensationally sublimated Cattle Decapitation "2020 Sucks" face mask. Featuring an assemblage of unfortunate anthropogenic anecdotes anno 2020! An obnoxious array of absurdity with a reverse side that features abominable assholery for your anterior aperture.

(Please be advised: actual image on mask is not censored.)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the hygienic nature of the products, we are unable to accept returns on gaiters and face masks. 

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