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On Oct.22 2011, CHTHONIC had a special outdoor concert in Sing-Ling temple, Puli, Taiwan. Sing-Ling temple is an ancient battlefield and a historical landmark of Puli town. It's not only the most essential scene in CHTHONI's latest 3 albums, a trilogy story, CHTHONIC has also written 2 songs that adopt Sing-Ling temple as the titles. One is Sing-Ling Temple from the album Mirror of Retribution, and the other one is Quell the Souls in Sing-Ling Temple from the new album TAKASAGO ARMY.

Besides CHTHONIC, there was Randy Blythe from Lamb of God as guest singer, and some other special guests, too.

Concert Length: 1:44:54
Video Total Length: 1:52:03
DVD Region: All Regions
Discs: DVDx1 + CDx2

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