Cynic Traced In Air Remixed (Digipak) CDs
Traced In Air Remixed (Digipak)

Cynic Traced In Air Remixed (Digipak) CDs

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Cynic "Traced In Air Remixed" CD

- Official Cynic release

- CD digipak packaging

The band's "Traced In Air" album remixed and remastered, with updated bass tracks by Sean Malone - features a 20 page booklet.

In 2008, after a fifteen year hiatus, the legendary CYNIC reemerged with 'Traced In Air.' An album of sublime beauty, 'Traced In Air' blended their renowned musical prowess with splendor and grace. Now, a decade later, the trio usher forth a renewed edition of that very album. Featuring new tracking by virtuoso bassist Sean Malone, and a vibrant new remix and remaster by PERIPHERY’s Adam “Nolly” Getgood (ANIMALS AS LEADERS, DEVIN TOWNSEND, HAKEN), 'Traced in Air Remixed' underscores just how vital and important this album truly is.