Horror Business

About Horror Business

Horror Business is a merchandise company that defines itself with the slogan "Where Horror And Hard Rock Live".

People ask "Why horror and hard rock? What's the connection?"

While both have their roots pre-1970's, we believe that that is the time when both came to fruition and truly began to catch on in the minds of fans across the world. It's no mistake that by the mid-80's, you couldn't watch a horror movie without a hard rock/heavy metal band either on the soundtrack or referenced in the film. These two then-relatively underground art forms shared much of their fandom, including many of the actors, writers, directors and musicians themselves. They were fresh and exciting, they broke new ground, they terrified parents, they kicked ass.

While we truly celebrate the mid-70's to late-80's era as the golden era of all that was great with these two passions of ours, we fully embrace all the great works that have happened since - in short, we believe that it doesn't have to be old to be considered a "classic"...it just has to be good.

We invite our fellow horror hounds and headbangers both new and old to check out what we have to offer - we think you're gonna like it.

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