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The band's 13th studio album, released in 2019, is a bit of a return to what made the band massively popular in the late 80's, but avoids going full steam into pure nostalgia. The spirit and the energy of 1987's self-titled massive hit album and 1989's very impressive Slip Of The Tongue are there, but the bombast has been turned down a bit from those days.

The band is in fine form with guitarists Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger) and Reb Beach (Fiona/Winger) doing a great job of carrying on the tradition of incredible Whitesnake guitarists. Longtime bassist Michael Devin continues to be an overlooked rock powerhouse and the ever-impressive drumming legend Tommy Aldridge never disappoints.

For a band forty years into the game, they play like a group still trying to make their mark. This is about as good a traditional hard rock album that you could ask for - play at full volume!

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