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Finally! A reissue of the AOR/hard rock band's 1990 Epic Records release.

'Blonz' the album is a 12-cylinder power-packed party on wheels, filled to the brim with high-octane rock & roll energy. The group swings between the hyperkinetic hook-jammed rock monsters like "Hands Of Love' and "Trouble Child" while simmering down in the emotive radio ready power ballads "Rainbow" and "What's On Your Mind". BLONZ tackles booze abuse on the gut-wrenching "Last Call (For Alcohol) and evokes a little bluesy jaw harp twang on “It’s The Same”.

Under-promoted when it was first released, the album has developed a strong cult following over the years, which has driven up prices in the collector's market for original copies.

This version of the album has been digitally remastered and comes packaged with an 8 page booklet with a full set of lyrics - a true must-have for any AOR/hard rock diehards!

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