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Trading Cards Sealed Card Pack #26772

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One vintage pack of RockCards trading cards.

Each pack of cards contains 14 random cards.
(Cards in photos are just for visual reference - please do not request specific cards.)

Produced by Brockum in 1991, these cards featured both live and studio photos on the front and biographical band member info and band trivia on the back.

In 1991, the lines between what was "metal" and "hard rock" and "heavy rock" was still very blurry to some folks so this card series includes a very wide array of bands and artists - from Iron Maiden and Anthrax to Slaughter, Motley Crue and Skid Row to lesser-known bands such as Dan Reed Network and Salty Dog to cult favorites like Sisters Of Mercy to classic rock acts like Yes, Deep Purple and the Moody Blues. Also included: Poison, Whitesnake, Winger, Katmandu, Exodus, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Tangier, Warrior Soul, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Cinderella, Pink Floyd, Junkyard, AC/DC, Testament and Warrant.

There were 288 cards total in the set and 18 art "chase" cards.

These card packs are still factory-sealed from 1991 so you never know which ones you'll get - so buy a few!

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