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Released in 1986 and featuring David Lee Roth replacement Sammy Hagar, this album caused a lot of controversy amongst Van Halen fans and split them into two camps who either liked what the band was doing with their new singer and their new musical direction, or hated it.

The album would become the band's first to chart at the #1 position on Billboard and would sell over six million copies, so whether or not the band was able to keep all their old fans, they were able to keep some a find a lot of new ones along the way.

The album spawned five radio singles, one hitting the #1 spot and another three landing in the top ten. A new era of the band had officially begun and there was no going back.

Track List:
01 - Good Enough
02 - Why Can't This Be Love
03 - Get Up
04 - Dreams
05 - Summer Nights
06 - Best Of Both Worlds
07 - Love Walks In
08 - 5150
09 - Inside

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