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A unique supergroup of sorts, Bad English was more of a merging ot two groups.

Following the demise of the monstrously popular Journey, keyboardist Jonathan Cain proposed the idea to guitarist Neal Schon of a reunion with his past Babys bandmates John Waite and Ricky Phillips. The new group would focus on what made both groups such hits with fans: melody and hooks combined with great songwriting and great musicianship. The four recruited former Cacophony drummer Deen Castronovo and set about making a great debut album.

The self-titled album contained three Top 40 hits, two of which were also Top 10 hits, including the #1 smash "When I See You Smile".


  1. Best of What I Got
  2. Heaven Is a 4 Letter Word
  3. Possession
  4. Forget Me Not
  5. When I See You Smile
  6. Tough Times Don't Last
  7. Ghost in Your Heart
  8. Price of Love
  9. Ready When You Are
  10. Lay Down
  11. The Restless Ones
  12. Rockin' Horse
  13. Don't Walk Away
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