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Released in 2007, this album came about as a result of a friendly game of "name the riff" that guitarists Michael Wilton and Mike Stone would play during soundchecks. This eventually evolved into the idea a doing a full album of cover songs with each band member choosing two.

Track list:

01 - Welcome To The Machine (Pink Floyd)

02 - Heaven on Their Minds (Jesus Christ Superstar)

03 - Almost Cut My Hair (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

04 - For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)

05 - For the Love of Money (The O'Jays)

06 - Innuendo (Queen)

07 - Neon Knights (Black Sabbath)

08 - Synchronicity II (The Police)

09 - Red Rain (Peter Gabriel)

10 - Odissea (Carlo Marrale & Salvatore Licitra)

BONUS: 11 - Bullet The Blue Sky (Live) (U2)

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