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Complete Control Collector's CD Box Set See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: May 13, 2022

Misery Index "Complete Control" limited edition 2xCD Collector's Box Set

Set Includes:

- Complete Control CD in standard jewel case packaging

- Strategies Of Manipulation 5 track bonus EP in slimline jewel case packaging

- Black tote bag featuring album cover art

- Button set (one pack of two)

- Double-sided mini poster

Complete Control is a riff-driven assault that captures the tension of the modern condition and channels it into 9 songs of ripping end-times death metal. From “Administer the Dagger” to “The Eaters and the Eaten,” the listener is dragged across concrete hellscapes echoing the rage and contempt of a dead-end generation. Spewing with Orwellian invective and razor-sharp songwriting, Complete Control is a much-needed hammer to the face; a wake-up call for the disaffected and dispossessed.The album is a rousing metal soundtrack for a new epoch that melds deft and diverse songwriting with a demand for a better way of life.

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