Qwälen Unhodan Sinut Audio Cassettes
Unhodan Sinut

Qwälen Unhodan Sinut [Limited Edition] Audio Cassettes

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Release Date: February 19, 2021

Qwälen found it’s current form in 2017 after a bunch of different lineups. The band members share a passion for playing music in it's various raw manifestations and their band backgrounds include Kürøishi, Nistikko, Dumathoin and Akma among many others. The members have been actively involved with the underground punk scene and this longtime involment in the punk scene can also be heard in the music, with Young and in the Way and Dödsrit influnces seeping into their interpretation of black metal. Lyrical content consentrates mostly on self-portrayal rather than the stereotypical anti-religious themes.

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