Umbilichaos Mourning Carnivals From Now On Audio Cassettes
Mourning Carnivals From Now On

Umbilichaos Mourning Carnivals From Now On Audio Cassettes

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Umbilichaos is a slow and crushing solo act from São Paulo-Brazil, started in 2007 by artist Anna C. Chaos. Composer, poetess, guitarist, singer, sound programmer. As Umbilichaos, she creates a sound experience abolishing conventional structures in favour of a cinematic take, evoking the most diverse thoughts and emotions.

Mourning Carnivals From Now On, is Umbilichaos' 13th record, marking a path of constant production over the last 15 years. The title alludes to the hegemonic vision of joyful Brazilianness, but which experienced the loss of almost 700.00 lives, during one of the most murderous and disgusting governments in the country's modern history, glued to a coup d'état that put an end to several social achievements of the last 30 years. In the Brazilian genesis and daily life, there is a history of oppression and violence. Each body is a battlefield crossed by colonialism, christianity and capitalism.

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