Fulci Exhumed Information 12"
Exhumed Information

Fulci Exhumed Information 12"

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Release Date: July 23, 2021

3rd Re-issue

Once again, FULCI draws inspiration not only from the death metal genre and greats like early Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Bolt Thrower, but the macabre thrills of 80's horror soundtracks as well (Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, Goblin).

"Exhumed Information" was recorded at Till Deaf Recording Studios by Ando Ferraiuolo. Mastering was entrusted to Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cirith Ungol, Tomb Mold). The cover artwork was designed by SoloMacello (Sadist, Elvenking, Black Rainbows). Layout and packaging design by Ascionemagro studios.

For now, the mastermind behind TV-CRIMES wishes to remain anonymous.

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