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Of Clarity And Galactic Structures See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: April 1, 2022

Two years after their sophomore “Cosmic Terror”, Germany’s THE SPIRIT once again delve into the vast nothingness of the universe, while capturing the fear of the unknown and humanity’s insignificance within our cosmos in their sound. On their upcoming third offering, “Of Clarity and Galactic Structures”, the duo, consisting of Matthias Trautes (vocals, guitars, bass) and Manuel Steitz (drums), hold on to their black/death metal roots yet take the progressive elements to a whole new level. Whilst the predecessor from 2019 already contained some prog elements, the brain twisting rhythm changes and virtuosic instrumental performance became an essential part of the band’s universe. 

Once again recorded and mixed at the Woodshed Studio, Germany by V. Santura (with the drums being tracked at Iguana Studios by Christoph Brandes), THE SPIRIT’s lyrics usually mix a general misanthropic view on the world with cosmic metaphors and the call to see our often narrow-minded and egocentric existence in the larger context of our whole universe, where none of our daily struggles and vanities ever matter. To distance oneself from this attitude and see the bigger picture can often lead to new clarity, and this thought inspired the album title.

Cover artwork painted by internationally renowned artist, Eliran Kantor


  1. Of Clarity and Galactic Structures
  2. The Climax of Dejection
  3. Repression
  4. Celestial Fire
  5. Transition
  6. Timbre of Infinity
  7. Arcane Wanderer
  8. Laniakea

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