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12" Mother Feather #39516

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Release Date: May 13, 2016

01. Living, Breathing
02. Mirror
03. Natural Disaster
04. Trampoline
05. Mother Feather

06. 747
07. Beach House
08. The Power
09. They Tore Down the SK8 Park
10. Egyptology

Vinyl Features:
+ Limited Edition Import
+ Olive Marbled Vinyl
+ Single Jacket w/ Color Insert
+ Color Poster

New York City. The lights go down, Mother Feather stride onto the stage. The bass frequency clarion call that kicks off "Mirror" chargesitsway through the packed room, a ripple of electricity riding off its back. Vocalist Ann Courtney steps to the microphone and purrs the first line: "I need your full attention…" And she's got it.
What follows, every single time the quintet stand before an audience, is pure rock and roll catharsis, for Courtney, for her band mates, and for every individual crammed into the room. "I've worked for many years at a live music venue, and seen countless shows in that time, and too often find myself asking where is the dream ofNew York City in this?" she states. "Where is the magic?Where are the women who rock? Where is the danger? Where's the cool pop music? Where's the music that's not speaking down to its audience? Any time I see any kind of performance I want to have a catharsis, and that's what I'm hoping will happenwhen I step out on stage. That's why I started the band, to save me, and the fact that it's had this ripple effect and can do the same for other people is just gravy."
The band's self-styled pop cock rock is the perfect vessel for this catharsis. Their songs marry the scratchy yet catchy, swaggering and dangerous sounds of The Stooges, New York Dolls or The MC5 with the playfulness, pop sensibilities and exuberance of the finest 90s alt-rock, a little upbeat 50s rock n' roll thrown in for good measure. Combined with Courtney's overtly optimistic, inspiring lyrics, the band deliver an energizing and irresistible concoction that captures the attitude and beating heart of New York City on its best day, empowering everyone in their path."I'm so over the New York City-bashing by quintessential NY artists. Blah blah, move to Newark, move to Detroit, there's no edge left," Courtney sighs. "I spent seventeen years overseas dreaming about this city, I'm not going to move! I'm going to do something.I love this city, and hearing those artists talk miles of shit is actually very motivating, because I'm like alright, I'll show you something. This town ain't dead."

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