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Release Date: April 23, 2021

• "In Transmission" Jewel Case CD
• "Death" T-Shirt

Jewel Case CD:
01. [Exordium]
02. Hollow Doll
03. The Locust Preacher
04. Medusa
05. Torture Ship
06. Paper Tongues
07. Mutt
08. Transfiguration
09. Red Guillotine
10. Deadbeat Assailant
11. Samuraiah Carey

"This album is like being trapped in a tiny room with an unforgiving monster," says Capra guitarist Tyler Harper, and after being exposed to 'In Transmission', the listener cannot help but agree with him. The debut full-length from the Lafayette, Louisiana quartet, it is comprised of their contorted and unique take on metal, punk and hardcore, and it makes for thrilling listening from start to finish. "We've all been grinding in various local projects for decades, so in a lot of ways there's this sense of passionate frustration and conflict that comes from us pushing on, despite numerous setbacks, to finally have this record that we've all unknowingly been working towards. I think that comes through in the hard-hitting aggressive riffs and the relatable and impactful lyrics."

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