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Release Date: June 26, 2020

Australia is not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of extreme Death metal, and Black Lion Records are proud to present one of the darkest secrets kept down under.

Nemesium presents their debut album "Continua", set for release in June 2020 through Black Lion Records.

The album represents a true hybrid of all corners of extreme music, channeling various stylings from old school and modern death metal to the darkest melodic black metal from the 90's Scandinavian scene.

"Continua" tells a series of tales about torturous struggle, transition into a new age and the decimation of the world as it currently exists to the background of an unrelenting and sonically crushing soundtrack.


1. Antecedent
2. Archetype
3. Boundaryless
4. Annihilation Prophecy
5. Continuum
6. Virch
7. The Fire And The Flesh
8. Cloud Chaser
9. My Final Fight
10. The Dawn Of Retribution
11. All For Them
12. Relive This Nightmare 

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