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Release Date: November 20, 2020

The Negationist marks the sophomore release by the Spanish quintet Aeolian. Picking up where they left off on the critically acclaimed Silent Witness, the band bring a blistering attack to bear. Through ten tracks, the band weave a dynamic spell of melodic death metal, with threads of black, folk, and occasionally thrash metal threads to sew it all together. Variations in pacing, excellent mixing, a cohesive and rock solid rhythm section, and memorable riffing all combine to draw in the listener to the albums earnest beauty. Passionate vocals rest comfortably in the fabric of the mix, steering the album with lyrical content from an environmentalist perspective. The Negationist provides the type of fist pumping soundtrack sure to energize any listener. 

Track list

2.We Humans
3.Animals Burned
4.Unseen Enemy
6.Golden Cage
7.Bleeding Garbage
8.The Flood
9.Children Of Mud
10.Ghosts Anthem

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