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Bundles Greetings From Custom Laminate Bundle #45312

Greetings From Custom Laminate Bundle See Larger Images and Variations

Greetings From Custom Laminate Bundle

$59.00 each


Release Date: May 5, 2017

Bundle includes:

-Custom, individually numbered, gold metallic laminate complete with accompanying custom album art lanyard (limited to only 250 pieces)

-LP copy of Greetings From...

-CD copy of Greetings From...

-Cusom turntable slipmat featuring the album's cover art

The Sword are proud to release their first ever live album, Greetings From… The band recorded all of the shows on their Fall 2016 support tour with Opeth and chose nine songs to make up the track listing on the album.


01. Buzzards

02. The Chronomancer I: Hubris

03. Maiden, Mother & Crone

04. Tears Like Diamonds

05. Mist & Shadow

06. Agartha

07. Tres Brujas

08. John the Revelator

09. The Horned Goddess

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