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Black Metal/Blackened Death Metal.
Hailing from the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium, SAILLE is slowly, but surely making their mark on the metal scene and performed all over Europe. In 2020 SAILLE felt the need for a dramatic overall change, seeking a deeper darkness, both live and in the studio. Therefore, with an importantly much darker, heavier approach and sound their fifth album is ready for release in April 2021. A formula which will definitely draw the attention of the modern metal crowd.

Since their inception, SAILLE has released four acclaimed albums of which the 2017 release 'Gnosis' was very well received and praised. With every song sounding unique and full of riffs, savage drumming, thunderous bass and excellent vocals.

Track list

1.  Suffering Sanctuary
2.  Fetid Flesh
3.  Charnel Chamber
4.  Loathsome Legacy
5.  Empty Expanse
6.  Baleful Beauty
7.  Terror Tapestry
8.  Mirror Motions

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