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Trading Cards Sealed Card Pack #26060

Sealed Card Pack See Larger Images and Variations
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One vintage pack of Full Moon Productions trading cards.

Each pack of cards contains pre-packed random cards.
(Cards in photos are just for visual reference - please do not request specific cards.)

A truly unique joint venture between independent horror studio Full Moon Productions and it's big-dollar distributor, Paramount Pictures - these cards were released in 1991 to help hype the array of films that Full Moon had released direct-to-video in an age just before the beginning of the long, slow death of VHS.

Consisting of eleven different mini-sets, (as well as three other lenticular sets), of five-six cards each, many Full Moon classics are represented: Puppet Master, Subspecies, Meridian, Shadowzone, Demonic Toys, Netherworld, Bad Channels and Dollman.

These card packs are still factory-sealed from 1991 so you never know which ones you'll get - so buy a few!

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