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Available for the first time ever on compact disc. Includes insert with liner notes by composer Rick Ulfik.

The original motion picture soundtrack from the ultimate melt movie, STREET TRASH. Composed by Rick Ulfik, the soundtrack has previously been unreleased since its creation in 1987. For fans of Lo-fi synthesizer based soundtracks.

The CD version features four additional tracks not found on either the LP or cassette versions.

01) Opening Sequence
02) Viper Theme
03) Paulie Melt
04) Mournful Theme
05) Come Little Leaves
06) Flatbush Foot Brigade Melt
07) Flashback
08) JunkYard Intro
09) Dance Track
10) The Decock Rock
11) Bronson Fight
12) Fred Runs
13) JR Melt
14) Wizzy Melt
15) Wizzy Death
16) Run to Ed
17) Ed Melt
18) Winette Death
19) Kevin & Wendy Theme
20) We Do Things My Way

bonus tracks(compact disc)
21) Lonely Solo
22) Come Little Leaves Calliope & Industrial
23) Winette Melt (Alternate)
24) Junkyard Hop (Alternate)

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