Ski Masks Genuine Ghoul Mask #67884

Genuine Ghoul Mask See Larger Images and Variations
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Genuine Ghoul Mask made of 100% cotton. One size fits most. Fool your friends! Frighten your enemies! Disappoint your parents! Wow! A limited amount of fun for all ages and a must have for every Ghoulunatic!

Made using the same pattern as Ghoul's, your Genuine Ghoul Mask comes packaged from Fusstoys® with an eyehole template in order to fashion it to your liking. Cut out two eye holes like Dissector or Cremator! Cut out one eye hole like Digestor or Fermentor! Cut out NO eye holes and see how far you get doing the Bird Box challenge!

Note: colors may vary anywhere from beige to ecru.

  • covers your ugly mug
  • screen printed splatter
  • machine washable
  • scary
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